My first application that I submitted in 1983 for publication was called "Typing Smiley". It was not published but that didn't stop me from pursuing coding. Around that time I made my Atari 800 play music, turn lights on and off and wrote a Space Shuttle simulator for a school project. Total Technical Institute provided an education in computer hardware, circuit board design, machine language programming and opportunities for me to teach. Tri-C completed my Associate in Computer Sciences and Baldwin-Wallace started my Bachelor. Initially I spent equal time with hardware (designing, building, fixing) and writing software. My machine language programming skills quickly lead to writing software that ran in the background (TSR) and I joined a local development team that eventually lead to the development of Norton-Antivirus with a year stint in California. Leaving Symantec, I headed back to North East Ohio and partnered with another excellent developer and started Stage Research, Inc. Stage Research develops software and hardware for the theatrical and themed industries and when projects did not fit into the business model for Stage Research, Inline Technology was spun up to develop custom business software, computer networks, phone systems, and websites/email.

Notable Projects

Below is a partial list of the hundreds of projects that I was involved with.

Typing Smiley - an educational game that teaching keyboarding skills. Graphic intense (as intense as you could get in 1983), written in BASIC. Doom Screen Saver - remember when Doom was the game to play? Inline Technology wrote the screen saver that would take over your screen and shot creatures. SFX - Stage Research developed this application to play sound and control devices for theatre, theme parks, cruise ships, exhibits and more. Product of the year in 2001 and 2007. SFX changed the theatre world by using computers to play audio (remember my Atari 800?). RF Guru - Frequency coordination for wireless microphones. RF Scanner - Frequency scanner to find frequencies uses in a venue. Tamatrac - Offender GPS and Chemical Tracker - Website Portal, Blackberry Application, Android Application, Firmware development. iTrax - Scheduling application to process recycling material from semi-trailers and trains; Track material through a plant; Provide EPA and other documents for conversion of material into product; Norton Antivirus - one of the first Antivirus products. Assembly Language programming, Windows 95/98 background application to catch computer viruses before they harm your computer. Pest Patrol - background application to stop those other programs that could harm or slow down your computer like worms, malware, etc. Y2K - the transition between 1999 and 2000 was suppose to crash all computers. Remember? Well they didn't all crash, maybe it was because of our Y2K application? Dolphin Cove - An educational touch screen application to learn about sea life deployed at Sea World.

C#, C++, C, ASM, Java, Java Script, Python, Perl, PHP, SQL

Windows Forms, Web Applications, Android, iOS, Firmware

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